Writing non-fiction can be like reading your high school biology textbook. Sometimes you’re fascinated by the discoveries you make; other times you find yourself three paragraphs down the page with no recollection of what you’ve just read – or written. The journey of writing The Other Baby Book has challenged me, forcing me to dig deeper into more scholarly writings and research so that I can both fully articulate and fully support the information I’m presenting to you, Reader.

My research and writing isn’t in a vacuum though. I’m constantly talking to other moms about exciting studies that confirm what I intuitively feel, and hearing stories from moms who emit a sigh of relief learning they’re not alone, and the things they do aren’t “strange.” But one piece of the puzzle I feel is missing in this project is my day-to-day experience. Anabella isn’t some experimental baby that I’m hoping will turn out perfect as long as I ascribe to every tenet in our book. She’s a smiley, verbal, squirmy baby who only stays still long enough for me put on a new diaper if I give her the TV remote control.

Anabella loves touch-and-feel books. She’s mesmerized by Sandra Boynton’s “fuzzy, fuzzy, fuzzy” and “rough, rough, rough.” My hope is that as I share some of the minutiae of our life as we live out the principles outlined in our book, this blog will be like a touch-and-feel book, helping you put some texture and real life to the articles and research we share on Facebook and Twitter.

Are there any topics or areas of our life you’d like to hear about?


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