Bambu Bib and Spoon Review

There’s a lot of plastic out there. If you read my recent post about the problem with plastic, you’ll know I’m not too keen on using or purchasing new plastic items. Though wooden high chairs are easy enough to find – we like theKeekaroo Height Right High Chair

Enter Bambu. Not only are they baby-friendly, they’re eco-friendly. All products are made from sustainably harvested bamboo that is free of fertilizers or pesticides. They’re the only carrier of bamboo products made from Certified Organic sources. And best of all, they use only water-based formaldehyde-free glues. They’re socially responsible, too. Owners and founders Jeff Delkin and Rachel Speth support fair trade, and don’t use any middle men. They’re frequently on site at the villages where their craftsmen work.

I feel like hugging someone. It’s just that kind of a feel-good company.

Their products are great too, though. One problem we faced in finding a spoon to recommend to our readers is that most spoons are too deep and babies can’t get at the yummy stuff inside. Bambu made their spoons the perfect width and depth for tiny mouths though. The bamboo is smooth and easy to grip. And this isn’t some single use, pale pink spoon that won’t make it past 12 months. Bambu’s spoons are versatile (I’m eating yogurt with one right now…), and can be used for sugar, spices, dips, or snacks!

I have to admit, I’ve never heard of a cork bib. I couldn’t even imagine what one would feel like. I thought it was going to be thick, stiff and uncomfortable, but it’s actually none of the above! The bib is wide and long, covering most of baby’s front. It’s designed for feeding an older baby, about 9 months and up. The cork is incredibly durable, machine washable, and naturally anti-microbial, water and stain resistant. As long as you roll up your babe’s sleeves, nothing’s getting by this bib!

Are you eager to try the spoon and bib yourself?

Good news. You can!

Head over to our Facebook page.
On the left side of the page, click on “Photo Contest.”

Upload a picture of your baby feeding him or herself.

Then, fans and friends can head to our album and vote for their favorite little eater.

Voting will close on Sunday, May 8th.

The winner receives a set of spoons and a soft cork bib!

Can’t wait? You can pick up the bib and feeding spoons


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