A Month of Mothering: Momumentary

This guest post is part of our Month of Mothering. In recognition that all mothers want what’s best for their baby, and knowing we all have different ways of achieving that, we welcome commentaries and experiences from mothers of all different philosophies and practices. Please note that the opinions expressed and baby care techniques used are reflective of the individual posters only, and do not imply endorsement or recommendation of the Other Baby Book.

There’s something special about a mother-son bond. Welcome Myles Jewell, co-founder and film director of the Internet based video production company, Pennington Productions. The video below is a trailer for his “Momumentary,” My Mom’s Name is Jean.

When Myles is not on the road, he still stays with his folks in the Greater Boston area. He also resides in the Bay Area of California with his girlfriend when he can, but his investment in producing a documentary about his grandfather’s role in the case of the Boston Strangler as an investigator keeps him around the Boston area. He has recently completed a short documentary about his brother and also engages in numerous other media projects.

Pennington Productions Facebook page


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