One Momma’s Journey to Cloth Diapering


I’m Michelle and I write over at The Momma Bird. I blog about parenting, life, being a military spouse, travel, and occasionally I like to make my readers laugh with my vlog. I’m very happy to be here on The Other Baby Blog writing about how I got into cloth diapering.

When I was pregnant with our first child I heard about people who used cloth diapers and scoffed at them. I thought it was the most disgusting thing on the planet! Who would want to mess with all that POO?!! I was “that” Mom who would laugh at “those” Mom’s.

Then came baby. With baby came disposables and LOTS of diaper cream. My son was so sensitive his poor bum suffered rashes almost every night! There were multiple times we had to get prescription cream for them – it was THAT bad. When my little guy was 7 months old we found out I was pregnant again! I started to do research on cloth diapers. I had loads of friends who did it and SWORE by it – so what would be the harm in researching it?!

Fast forward to the summer of 2011. I was a month away from having our 2nd little guy and I was sick of the diaper rashes. I know my poor baby was too! I ordered a trial version on a cloth diapering site and was ready to give it a go. I got the package, did all the washings and tried them out. There were some that I absolutely hated and others that I fell in love with. My little guy looked so cute in his fluff AND after just days of being in cloth, the rashes disappeared. I was sold.


After my 30 day trial I purchased everything I needed. Both of my little guys were in their cloth and I couldn’t help but feel so proud knowing I was providing my boys with a product that was both safe and comfortable for their precious skin. It has been a year and a half since I started CD’ing full time and I still love it. My 2nd son, who has been in cloth his whole life, has NEVER had a rash except on the rare occasion he is wearing a disposable.

I have now turned into the crazy lady who tries to get everyone’s kids into cloth. One day, while grocery shopping, I saw a pregnant couple trying to figure out the cost of diapers for their soon to be child. I casually walked over and told them that they should really look into cloth diapering, and that while it may seem like a high cost up-front, it saves in the long run & is better for their baby’s skin. I left the store, came home to my husband and told him that I was pretty sure I just scared off a couple by my cloth diapering talk. Turns out, a year later she found me on facebook and messaged me about cloth diapering. She wanted more information and wanted to get her kid into cloth!


Though I was skeptical at first, cloth has been the best decision for me and my babies!


2 thoughts on “One Momma’s Journey to Cloth Diapering

  1. I’ve been thinking about cloth diapering for awhile and Molly just got a really bad rash. We use Huggies Naturals so that’s about as good as we can get from a disposable. What system do you recommend?

    1. Honestly it’s a personal preference. I personally use the GroVia Hybrid system – there’s an outer shell and snap-in cotton inserts. They are nice because they dry quickly but since my boys are older I have to change more frequently or I get leaks. For nap time and trips I use the Fuzzibunz. I like them because you can insert multiple inserts according to how much your kiddos goes. If I had to do it all over knowing what I know now, I’d go with pocket diapers bc you can control how many inserts to put inside based off of how long your kiddo will be in the diaper. Email me if you want more details 🙂

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