Setting New Year’s Intentions

Welcome to the first edition of the Authentic Parenting Blog Carnival, hosted by Authentic Parenting and Mudpiemama!

In the month of January, we start afresh, a new year, new ideas. Hence, our participants have looked into the topic of “Birth and New Beginnings”. Take a look at the end of this post to find a list of links to the entries of the other participants.



I can’t dance. I can’t play an instrument.

But I can live. And in each day, each week, each season, and each year, there is rhythm, and I embrace it.

I love the rhythms of each day: the pulling back of curtains welcome the morning sun, the late-afternoon buzz of neighbors returning home from work, and those still, warm moments holding Anabella as she falls asleep. These moments are givens; they’re static, grounding.

But other moments are acute, fresh, changing. For many, a new year brings new hope from self-made promises to public declarations. Some very motivated and disciplined people achieve their goals. The rest of us live with that nagging sense of failure, which can overshadow those precious little rhythms in the rest of our lives.

So, instead of making my mind up to stop eating so much chocolate before bed, or only check Facebook 5 times a day instead of 10, I jumped off the resolution bandwagon a few years ago.

January 1st is now a day of reflection, rather than resolution. I write several pages in my journal about how the past year has gone, and then, I bask in some stillness (with a cup of tea, of course). I spend time thinking and praying about setting an intention for the upcoming year. The intention is more a frame to my moments, rather than a goal or an item to check off. When I’m feeling overwhelmed in the coming months, I revisit that page dated 1.1 and it refocuses me.

If I’m torn between taking on a new project, or hobby, or time-consuming-but-delicious-looking recipe, it’s freeing to be able to ask, “Is this in line with my intention for the year?” If not, I ditch.

And smile.

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One thought on “Setting New Year’s Intentions

  1. Ohhhh – I love this idea! Reflections! I never make resolutions because I think it is a horrid idea. I mean, why not just live your resolution every day. January 1st is the perfect day for reflecting and meditating. Hmmmm…..putting this on my calendar as we speak!

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