Snow White

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I’m sitting here watching Cars for the millionth time next to my 3 year old, while the 1 year old naps, even though I said I’d be the Mom who did things like paint and whittle instead of sully the brains of my precious children with television.  And we’re eating non organic apples despite a link I saw on Facebook yesterday warning me that 96% of non organic apples will make you die.  Or they are covered in pesticides, I’m not sure, I just skimmed.

So I’m not winning any prizes today.  I used to beat myself up about those sort of things.  Which is so dumb and pointless because really, you could do worse than Cars and apples, like say, Saw and pixie sticks. Yum. (That’s yum to the pixie sticks and yuck to Saw; who the heck keeps buying tickets to torture movies?)

The baby eating the poisonous apples beside me declared several times this week “I a boy”.  Sometimes it takes my breath away to see that he’s right.  That was fast.

My good humor regarding parenting failures is a gift AP has given to this family. I’m 38 months into this gig and I feel myself relaxing into a sweet spot.  I’ve discovered that small things like a day with too much screen time don’t matter when I have the foundation I do with these little people.

The foundation started at birth and is built on skin-to-skin snuggles from hour 1, nursing on cue, treating daytime and nighttime needs EQUALLY.  And now it continues with gentle discipline and taking my preschooler’s concerns seriously, because “Nooooo! He’s touching my choo choos!” is a big deal to a 3-year-old.  And I disrespect him to act like it’s not.
I’m so glad to be here.  I have worked my tail off, read the books, sought out the “village”, and I treat it like the real job it is and you know what? It is paying off big time.  All that kindness and patience I’ve been modeling when I felt neither kind nor patient? He’s using it on me and it is knocking my socks off. Totally worth it.
That’s what Attachment Parenting IS right now at our house.

Rebecca is a sometimes resident of Radiator Springs.   Her preschooler has started saying “I love you” and making his parents melt.


2 thoughts on “Snow White

  1. This was fantastic – made me smile, laugh and think “whew, I’m not the only one.” Today my 17 month old was all out of sorts and I was exhausted. We watched Sesame Street and until he zonked out on the couch. When I picked up that remote to turn on the tv I was immediately filled with guilt. Certainly I could find something, anything else, to solve the grumpiness but today just wasn’t that day.. We have a solid, connected foundation full of respect, trust and love and this rare day of laziness was not going to ruin that so no need for the guilt.
    Thanks for sharing:)

  2. @Brigid, Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it. Guilt stinks. Confidence in connection rules. A little screen time can really save the day sometimes. 🙂

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