Are you my Mother (Role Model)?

I love the idea of a Role Model.  Do you have one? I especially love the Hollywood version-  usually elderly, kindly, brilliant and Morgan Freeman.

I admire the parenting of many people.  Like Caillou’s parents.  Holy cow, they are the most amazing Gentle Discipline cartoon characters ever. How do they remain so cool?  Actually there is this one where Rosie is teething and for a brief moment the Mom is about to lose her marbles  until Caillou volunteers to sing Rosie the worst lullaby in the world.  But that’s it.  Normally they redirect and employ playful parenting like champs.

They are drawings.

I toyed with the idea of homeschooling for about 1 minute a few months ago, and found myself salivating over these blogs where the Moms were slim, tan and hot, the children were straight out of a toothpaste commercial ,and the playrooms were centerfolds from Elle Decor.  I need to find  that cyborg Mom and get her to teach me everything.

So without further adieu, I am accepting resumes.

Qualifications to be my Role Model:
Look like an Ivory girl.
Sing and strum like Fraulein Maria.
Rock an Ergo on back, Moby on front. and heels.
Never raise your voice or hide from your kids in the bathroom or get mad when they grab your phone during an important Words w Friends power play.
Do projects like beading and felt boards (I really don’t know what these are).
Make amazing meals with nothing from the hot dog or nugget food group.

Your house:
Immaculate, cozy and inviting.
Smells like baking bread and not eau de diaper pail.
One can walk from front door to back door without stepping on a Cheerio, lego or matchbox.
Nothing from IKEA.

Your offspring:
Charming, well dressed, polite, clean, well rested children who love sharing, who eat only nutritious food, love brushing teeth, going to bed, wean themselves and are neither sticky nor stinky.

Oh and this is a volunteer job.  Because my role model should be mad altruistic.

Rebecca is the daughter of an Ivory Girl and loves IKEA.  Her children share so well that she is considering super yards for every room. 


4 thoughts on “Are you my Mother (Role Model)?

  1. I love this! Especially the part about considering home-schooling for about a minute….I’m with you on that. But in all seriousness, it helps to have a role model, or at least another mama, for advice and camaraderie.

    P.S. While I fail at the IKEA furniture part, I do own an Ergo (and fail miserably at the other requirements!) Looking forward to more posts from you!

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