Mrs. Romney: A SAHM with 5. That’s 3 more than me!

Get off her back.  She’s rich.  Lucky her.  I’d hire major household help too.  But from all I’ve read, no nannies.  And Lord knows she could have had 2-3 for each child.  So why does this silly overblown insult have anything to do with motherhood? Motherhood is raising your children and she raised 5.

There is a whole spectrum of what SAHMs do in their “spare” time. If you could forgo the rest and focus on your children, why wouldn’t you?

I’m not less a mother on a day the cleaning lady mops the kitchen floor.  Are you more a mother if you pound clothes against a rock and my husbands shirts go to the dry cleaner? What if you plant and tend and pickle and can and stock a root cellar and I’m lucky if I pick up a store made rotisserie chicken for dinner? You would be cooler than me, yes. But these things have to do with being a home maker, or whatever term is hip now, not just mothering children.

FIVE BOYS.  Phew.  It’s hard for me at this stage to imagine the many years she must have spent breastfeeding or preparing bottles and rocking and bouncing and sleeplessness and loving ’til it hurts and diapers and potty training and colds, flu, stomach bugs, sibling spats and bike riding and homework and tests and classroom bullies and birthday parties and teaching teaching teaching how to crawl and walk and coo and talk and reason, show kindness, share, forgive.

Doing NOTHING besides raising 5 boys is still raising 5 human beings and red or blue that should not be discounted.