Mothers Are Heroes: Wordless Wednesday

We are humble, we mothers.  But there is no doubt that every one of us is a hero.  Each of us may have a different set of circumstances or challenges or uncertainties, but every single one of us would do anything for our children.

Yes indeed, Mothers Are Heroes…

Because we are given a brand new life and even though we have no training or experience, we want to give them our best.  And so clumsily and with a new sense of humility, we figure it out.

Rachel Koppelman with her brand new baby who was born at home after 2 days of labor.

Because we know that being present and gentle and loving is good for our babies.  And so even when we have our own ailing parent to care for, we find a way to give these things to our children.

Megan McGrory Massaro, author of The Other Baby Book, with her own mom who cared wonderfully not only for her, but also her grandmother.

Because with a toddler at home and a husband at work, our premature baby needs us to be with her in the NICU.  And so somehow we are in two places at the very same time, even if only in spirit.

Kelly Barry with daughter Brooke (and daughter Katie in the swing behind her!). With a beautiful and premature newborn in the hospital and a barely-toddler at home, somehow Kelly gave both girls everything they needed. And more.

Because even with our own babies at home, we rearrange our schedules to babysit and we cook an extra meal. We do this because our friend’s premature baby is still in the hospital and her toddler is at home, and they both need her.  And maybe it will give our friend comfort to know that her first baby is being cared for and loved.

From left; Kelly Barry, Jennifer Keefe, Renee Poor, Megan Gipson, Catherine Cargill, Kim Howell and (37 weeks pregnant!) Andrea Korzon. A group of women who exemplify most moms out there by quietly stepping in to support a fellow mom.

And because even when our own health requires significant and regular care, we still give our baby everything.


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