Military Appreciation: Wordless Wednesday

When Bethany shared these photos of her family I was overcome with emotion.  Thinking of a US Marine holding his tiny little baby over a potty and snuggling in close with his family- in their shared bed- every night inspired me.

What occurred to me as I read Bethany’s words was that Russell provides the same things for our country that he does for his children; safety, security and trust.  It is these things that allow all of us -child or adult- to feel confident and safe while pursuing our dreams and passions.

Thank you Russell, and all of you who serve.  Those who keep us safe and those who pump while doing it.  Those who somberly but willingly leave their children to keep ours safe, and those whose reunions are filled with love and joy.  Our gratitude to you is deep and unwavering.

It really is my pleasure to introduce you to Russell, Bethany, Sadie Grace and Tessa Joy (still hanging out in the most comfortable place around) Sheets:

My husband, Russell Sheets, is a US Marine.  Even though he is strong, brave and ready to fight our nation’s battles and protect our freedom, he is the most attached and connected father I have ever met. Not only does he participate, he embraces EC, co-sleeping, baby-wearing and natural parenting and believes in those choices we’ve made together for our family.

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