Daddy Time: Wordless Wednesday

An Ode to My Daddy

Whatever it is that I do with you
it’s my all-time favorite thing to do.
Swinging at the park, or from Great Grandpa’s tree
by your side is my favorite place to be.
Midnight cuddles, early morning snuggles, too
You give me the coziest hugs, it’s true.
I love you more than I have words to say
On Father’s Day and every other day.
Love, Arlo

Bill, Joy and Will
Bill is an exceptional dad. He works in the evenings and is home with     them during the day. He goes above and beyond the role of dad, he makes every day an adventure, he helps fill the house with laughter and fun, brings light to every situations, he gives the best hugs, he’s simply the best!
Will and Joy adore him!
Olivia loves snuggle time with daddy.
Daddy Time!
Daddy time is time for snuggles and sleeping in, staying up late and watching movies on the couch, bust most of all, Daddy time is when we leave all other thoughts behind and just enjoy being together.

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