What’s Other about The Other Baby Book?

The Other Baby Book is picking up steam, as readers are sharing their new favorite new motherhood resource with their nearest and dearest. It’s been making the rounds of baby showers and new moms groups, baby stores and book stores, around North America and around the world.

Pockets of enthusiastic mamas in Australia, the UK, and Israel are joining our family of fans. You’ve showered us with lovely feedback and questions, and we’re going to address some of the most popular ones through this blog. So we’ll start with the most frequent: what do you mean by the title The Other Baby Book?

No matter what country you hail from, if you head to the parenting section of your local book store, you’ll find a plethora of titles telling you how to parent your child to ensure a successful first year for all. But the definition of success in these books are as varied as the authors. In the U.S., most of our “baby books” were written by male MDs who focused on establishing a foundation for independence early on, by letting the baby lie on his own so he wouldn’t get used to being held too much, and letting him cry-it-out so he didn’t rely on his parents to soothe him back to sleep.

We wrote our book, from the mom-in-the-trenches perspective, as an alternative to the wide variety of resources out there. Most of what’s popular today focuses on training babies to use commercially-mainstream tools such as cribs, diapers and baby food, many of which go against babies’ natures – and some of which cause problems down the road, like when it’s time for potty training or adapting kids to healthy grown-up food.

In all of our research and trial-and-error new parenting experiences, we found a gap in the resources. We desperately wanted a one-stop shop where we could read about all of the baby-centric parenting practices that felt the most natural for mom and baby to pursue as a team. The Other Baby Book is the product of that realization. Our goal was to offer easy access to our favorite baby-rearing tools for those who, like us, want something a bit different than most of the titles on the shelf.

I get what you mean by Other, but what’s your connection to Dr. Sears’ The Baby Book? We have no connection with The Baby Book. Nor is our book particularly “other” to Sears, although we differ in that we cover such topics as sex after birth, Elimination Communication, Baby-led Weaning, and greening your home for the children. We have great respect for the works of the Sears family, and are grateful for Dr. Sears’ contribution to the parenting genre.

Do I have to be an “other” kind of mother to enjoy your book? Not at all! We’ve written this book in a compassionate voice that appeals to moms from all sorts of backgrounds. In fact, we think this book is the most helpful to those “mainstream” moms who have never heard of elimination communication, baby-led weaning, etc. That’s where we were when we started on our parenting journey, and we wished The Other Baby Book had been available to help us understand our options and experiment.

Whoever you are, wherever you live, we wish you joy upon the beautiful journey of parenting. It’s a windy road where you can’t always see around the corner, but the more you get in touch with your baby and your instincts, the clearer your road map will be.

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