Salves Made Simple

Guest post by Jennifer of Hybrid Rasta Mama


As more and more people move towards taking charge of their health in the most natural way, products that are used ON our bodies are coming under considerable scrutiny. As well they should. As the largest organ of our body, our skin is the entry point as well as first line of defense against both beneficial and harmful invaders.

As the author of another personal care produce recipe book, I am no stranger to the ease of making and power of using natural butters, oils, herbs, and other medicinal plants in products like body lotions, scrubs, bath oils, and every other imaginable skincare product. As much as I love all of the recipes in that book, I always felt like there was something missing…something important that I wanted to share in the form of another eBook. After careful consideration, Salves Made Simple was born.

EVERYONE can benefit from the various salve recipes presented in Salves Made Simple. I have made sure that the ingredients are family friendly (although whenever you use a product containing essential oils on children, I always advise that you double check the safety of that particular oil.) I have also made sure to include recipes that are EASY to make using ingredients that are readily available. No one needs to go on a wild-goose-chase just to make a healing salve. My goal was to make this YOUR go-to resource for salve making.

As such, I purposely limited the amount of information I presented along with the number of recipes. Hence the simplicity of the book. I wanted everyone, no matter the skill or comfort level, to be able to create the salves they need, when they need them. I also wanted to provide quality salve recipes that can be turned into easy-to-make gifts!

You will find recipes for 30 different salves ranging from all-purpose type of salves to specialty salves designed to aid in the healing of bug bites, sunburns, headaches, illness & infection, tooth aches, motion sickness, and even broken bones. There is literally everything in between. Have trouble with menstrual cramps? There is a salve for that! Cannot seem to settle into sleep easily? I have you covered? Need to draw a splinter out? No problem! I have the prefect recipe for you!

In addition to the salve recipes, I help you understand the medicinal properties of herb and essential oils in an easy-to-follow chart. It is very important to understand each herb and its healing properties so you can decide if it is right for you or a loved one to use. I provide step-by-step instructions on how to make a medicinal oil giving you four methods to choose from! And of course, I outline clear, direct, step-by-step instructions on how to make a proper salve. No fuss, no muss, just straight-forward salve making at its finest!

I know that anyone who is interested in creating natural healing products will benefit from learning how to make simple salves! In fact, I think you might even become addicted to it!

Please visit my blog, Hybrid Rasta Mama, where I share all kinds of other tid-bits and well researched posts on natural living, holistic health, real foods, and more! And enjoy Salves Made Simple!


You can purchase Salves Made Simple in the Art of Healing Extreme Health Library HERE! You’ll get over 50 other products and fabulous ebooks on natural health topics (some of my favorites are here) about a myriad of health topics. Offer good until March 8th!


Disclaimer: We are affiliates, who earn a percentage of each sale, which support our work with The Other Baby Book and its faithful community.


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