Sunny Days: Wordless Wednesday

Sunny days; they lighten our moods and brighten our days.  It seems that we appreciate them even more once we have kiddos to share them with.  Now that we have children, sunny days mean we can

play in the fountain, spontaneously

and meet street vendors of all sorts.

We can enjoy a piece of pizza while feeling the sun on our back,

And garden, or dance, until the sun sets.

Sunny days mean a new appreciation for all things, most especially though, sharing them with our children.

No Need for A Chill Pill Today!

“Sleeps like a baby” may be one of the  most misunderstood concepts in our culture.  We use it to refer to getting a good night sleep, or not waking while we are in bed.  This is not how grown-ups or babies really sleep, though.  Instead we cycle through stages of light and deep sleep- and for babies this is a survival mechanism!

There is however, something extremely peaceful an calming about watching a baby sleep, and these pictures are no exception.  No need for a “Chill Pill” today- instead just peruse these precious photos!

Daddy Time: Wordless Wednesday

An Ode to My Daddy

Whatever it is that I do with you
it’s my all-time favorite thing to do.
Swinging at the park, or from Great Grandpa’s tree
by your side is my favorite place to be.
Midnight cuddles, early morning snuggles, too
You give me the coziest hugs, it’s true.
I love you more than I have words to say
On Father’s Day and every other day.
Love, Arlo

Bill, Joy and Will
Bill is an exceptional dad. He works in the evenings and is home with     them during the day. He goes above and beyond the role of dad, he makes every day an adventure, he helps fill the house with laughter and fun, brings light to every situations, he gives the best hugs, he’s simply the best!
Will and Joy adore him!
Olivia loves snuggle time with daddy.
Daddy Time!
Daddy time is time for snuggles and sleeping in, staying up late and watching movies on the couch, bust most of all, Daddy time is when we leave all other thoughts behind and just enjoy being together.

Military Appreciation: Wordless Wednesday

When Bethany shared these photos of her family I was overcome with emotion.  Thinking of a US Marine holding his tiny little baby over a potty and snuggling in close with his family- in their shared bed- every night inspired me.

What occurred to me as I read Bethany’s words was that Russell provides the same things for our country that he does for his children; safety, security and trust.  It is these things that allow all of us -child or adult- to feel confident and safe while pursuing our dreams and passions.

Thank you Russell, and all of you who serve.  Those who keep us safe and those who pump while doing it.  Those who somberly but willingly leave their children to keep ours safe, and those whose reunions are filled with love and joy.  Our gratitude to you is deep and unwavering.

It really is my pleasure to introduce you to Russell, Bethany, Sadie Grace and Tessa Joy (still hanging out in the most comfortable place around) Sheets:

My husband, Russell Sheets, is a US Marine.  Even though he is strong, brave and ready to fight our nation’s battles and protect our freedom, he is the most attached and connected father I have ever met. Not only does he participate, he embraces EC, co-sleeping, baby-wearing and natural parenting and believes in those choices we’ve made together for our family.

Fashion Sense: Wordless Wednesday

Chances are everyone reading this has been affected by it.  Even if nobody in your immediate family has it, chances are you know somebody who does.

I am talking about those impossibly young kids with their own sense of fashion.  They want to choose their own clothes and accessories and they clearly let you know when you should brush up on what is en vogue.

Well, thank goodness for these little kids!  What would we do without photos-and personalities- like these?

Best Friends: Wordless Wednesday

Some have been with us since before we even knew each other, and some we met along the way… no matter how are paths came to pass there is nothing like a best friend.

Dalia and Bella, hanging out.
and sharing a secret along the way.
Owen and Katie have known each other since they were brand new.
Sydney and Rocky have been friends for half of their life… and have so very much in common.


Friends since they were 1, Lily and Will have Easter pictures together every year.
and they are more precious each year!

Routines: Wordless Wednesday

Sydney is almost 2.5 and she is far different than her extrovert brother and mother.  Each morning Sydney comes downstairs, puts on her rain boots and walks out back (our yard is fenced).  She quietly explores the yard examining blades of grass and flowers that have bloomed overnight.

I hear her chatting away and it is hard for me to not go to her and ask what she sees.  But I have learned that this is her time, her start to the day.  And that the most respectful thing for me to do is to let her have it.

Sometimes she gets lucky and puddles are left from the overnight rain- this gives her an especially nice start to the day.