What’s What Around The Other Baby Book Blog

Teasers and updates. Of equal interest to readers of The Other Baby Book and new passers-by, you’ll find excerpts, juicy material that was cut due to space or other editorial considerations, and updates on issues tackled in the book to make sure the most current research is always at your fingertips.


A Peek into the Past. Every so often, we’ll review mainstream Western society’s recent cultural history around babycare topics. Why the social studies lesson? When casting aside our least helpful notions about babyhood, it helps to understand where these ideas came from. In most cases, you’ll see they started with a guy who wanted to sell his product – say, a diaper. These products have morphed into the lifeblood of major corporations, which have powerful marketing and lobbying dollars, and a convincing team of doctors and researchers on their payroll. When we get the why behind our entrenched beliefs, it’s a lot easier to consider new possibilities.


Mama Musings. To help bring color and depth to the experience of gentle, attuned parenting, some courageous and candid mamas are sharing their joys, struggles and thoughts as they walk the path of parenting. Contributors range from dedicated volunteers like Rhianna and Kate, to co-authors Megan and Miriam, to guest contributors.




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