Bringing Your Baby to Work

What’s the hardest part of heading back to work as a new mom?

For me, it wasn’t the first day back to work…it was the days leading to my return. When I should have fully enjoyed my last few weeks of maternity leave, I found myself overthinking everything. Did I have a big enough base of frozen milk? Would my son be okay with a bottle? Would I be able to able to leave at lunchtime to nurse him? All legitimate concerns, but ones I blew out of proportion making the transition harder than it needed to be.

The second time around I tried to be calmer. I was lucky to work for a flexible, family friendly company. I had the support I needed from my husband and my kids were happy and healthy. Still, the ache didn’t go away.

I knew I had to return to work, but why couldn’t I bring my daughter with me? I had it planned out in my head…I could carry her and write at the same time, have a quiet space to nurse in the pumping room and keep a Pack and Play in my cubicle. What mom wouldn’t love to do the same? By the last week of my maternity leave, I was sure it was possible, but wondered how working moms could really make it happen, especially in a corporate environment.

With a lot of great support, I found other ways to make it work, but  the dream of bringing my little one to work never faded from my mind. Almost two years later, I was ecstatic to find this inside look at Zutano, a popular baby clothing company. Founders Michael and Uli Zutano have what so many working moms dream of – a Bring Your Baby to Work policy. From the time an employee returns after maternity leave until their child turns one, they can bring their child to the office, where babywearing and nursing are a natural part of the work culture.

This is far from the norm, but it’s part of a growing number of workplaces across the country doing the same. Bringing your baby to work may not be a reality for every job, but it’s encouraging to see how a baby-inclusive workspace can exist.  If a children’s clothing company, a credit union, a government agency and so many others can make it work, let’s hope it can inspire thousands more. New moms deserve the chance to let go of the stress and apprehension of leaving their babies at home or daycare, and to return to work more confident, successful employees and mothers.

Are you a working mom? Would bringing your baby to the office work for you? What other ways can you make it work?


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Kristen loves being a writer, but thinks the best job in the world is being a mom to, Will (5) and Joy (2).