EC Wear L’il Baby Chaps: review

EC Wear L’il Baby Chaps

Price: $18.00

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Things we like:

One of the things I appreciated most about the EC Pants is the innovative design. It allowed my 17 month old daughter to independently and comfortably control her bathroom experience. The elastic waistband allowed her to practice pulling the pants up and down if she desired, however, she could use the bathroom regardless. Whether practicing EC from an early age or working on potty training, these pants can serve a variety of needs. – Kate

I loved these pants.  They are super cute and allowed my son to have warmth on his legs, while still being able to practice communicating his potty needs with me.  These were also great for nap time; we have been working on getting him to stay dry during naps, but I am too leary to just let him go competely nude.  We used these pants to hold up a folded prefold, and I was able to test for dryness throughout his nap.  I love the elastic waistband for this feature, though he is too wiggly to use it with a prefold while he is awake.  The pants are also made of incredibly soft cotton and the seams are beautifully done.  I generally don’t expect this kind of quality to come from something unless I bought it in a department store, so I was pleasantly surprised to discover how sturdily these were made.  They have done a good job standing up to washing, and the color hasn’t faded a bit.  

– Geneva

Things we don’t like:

The pants do run a bit on the large side, particularly in the thighs and legs if your child has skinny legs like mine does. I decided to wash the pants in warm/hot water to see if they would shrink some, and they did. After that initial wash, the pants fit much better and were comfortable for my daughter. The only other downside with these pants is that if your child gets them wet while going to the bathroom, you will need another pair or two to switch out.  – Kate

I would definitely agree with Kate, the pants were quite large compared to what I was expecting.  I requested the 12 month size for my 8 month old–as that is what size he was wearing in normal clothes–but these are just now fitting him perfectly, as he has just had his first birthday.  I would recommend to buy what size your child is in actual months, not based on other clothing the child is wearing.  Another thing that I was not super fond of was the fact that these have a hole in the genital area, which means that you can’t use them out in public.  We’ve been experimenting with using underwear on short outings, and I would love to be able to use these, but decency dictates that I shouldn’t.  Though they did look cute with a diaper over them, when he peed, the waistband got wet and the pants had to be washed.  I think that they are very similar to leg warmers, only slightly cuter and slightly less functional.  – Geneva

Overall rating:

I would rate these a 4/5. The design is unique, and these pants will particularly come in handy in the winter time when it’s too cold in the house to go diaperless and without pants. The pants do run a bit on the large side, so take that into consideration when ordering.  – Kate

I would also rate these a 4/5.  I think that if there was a way to cover the genital area and allow it to be worn in public, I would be able to give them a 5/5.  But for a product that I can only use at home, I think these are great!  – Geneva