Fashion Sense: Wordless Wednesday

Chances are everyone reading this has been affected by it.  Even if nobody in your immediate family has it, chances are you know somebody who does.

I am talking about those impossibly young kids with their own sense of fashion.  They want to choose their own clothes and accessories and they clearly let you know when you should brush up on what is en vogue.

Well, thank goodness for these little kids!  What would we do without photos-and personalities- like these?

Best Friends: Wordless Wednesday

Some have been with us since before we even knew each other, and some we met along the way… no matter how are paths came to pass there is nothing like a best friend.

Dalia and Bella, hanging out.
and sharing a secret along the way.
Owen and Katie have known each other since they were brand new.
Sydney and Rocky have been friends for half of their life… and have so very much in common.


Friends since they were 1, Lily and Will have Easter pictures together every year.
and they are more precious each year!

Frugal Living: Wordless Wednesday


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Wordless Wednesday: Reflection

Sometimes it just takes some time by the water to reflect and relax- whatever our age.

As the mom of two young kiddos, Jennifer is often searching for time to reflect-  and the ocean always provides it.  Yes, because of the calming effects of the water, but mostly because it is a limitless open space for said children.