Sunday Surf: Food for fun and food for thought

Turino, Italia

Lazy Almond Butter Cups @ Good Girl Gone Green

Almond butter + chocolate + 10 minutes = amazing.

Does iPhone’s Siri Thwart Social Intelligence? @ Parenting for Peace

Marcy Axness is my new favorite parenting writer/researcher. She’s awesome. Check out this counter-cultural post on the affects of social media and technology.

Infant Sensory Play @ Play at Home Mom

Great ideas for playing with wee ones!


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Sunday Surf: Permissive Parenting, Cleaning, and Nipple Confusion

Girona, Espana

Here are some of my favorite reads for the week.


Positive Parenting is not Permissive Parenting @Positive Parenting

Practical post defining the difference between positive and permissive parenting.

Guilt-free Speed Cleaning @ Babble

This is a philosophy I could get behind!

Nipple confusion, bottles, and alternative feeding options @ The Leaky Boob

Comprehensive look at nipple confusion and a world of options to avoid it!

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Sunday Surf: Biology, Anthropology, and Food Science, Oh My!

Cape Cod

Here are a few of my favorite links from the week!

@ Love Parenting: Raising a Continuum Child

Based on the book, The Continuum Concept by Jean Leidloff, this post breaks down the theory of raising happy, connected babies into easily digestible bites, and offers mamas practical ways to implement Leidloff’s findings.

@ Marcy Axness, Ph D: Epigenetics, DNA, and True Intelligence

Fascinating article about the role of epigenetics (how your environment and your choices can effect your life) in our child’s lives.

@ Leite’s Culinaria: Steamed Veggies in Parchment Parcels

Need some veggiespiration? I’m all about quick, healthy, and delicious, and this posts meets all three criteria. We often cook in “packets,” adding fish to the veggies too – viola! Entire meal ready with hardly a dish to clean.

@ Peaceful Parenting: Each One Matters

Sometimes it’s tough to go against the tide, but when you have information that another tired, weary, or confused parent may need, be bold, be brave. Be a life-changer.

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Sunday Surf

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My favorite: Ghandi and Wainer @ Birth Day Midwifery

Cell phones, radiation, and your child’s health @ Healthy Child, Healthy World

How Parents Can Benefit From Co-Sleeping @ The Natural Child Project

Too much sharing of feelings with kids? @ NYTimes

Pediatricians’ Attitude Toward Alternative Vaccine Schedules @ Aviva Jill Romm’s blog

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